Future Proofing eLearning Content & Mobile Enablement

  • DevLearn_2013_front
  • As a learning organization, do you have a pressing need to future proof your content and learning assets against changing technology needs?
  • Are you looking out for a solution to help build and adapt your content to tablet devices with added provision for fun filled explorative learning games, business simulations and virtual tours?
  • And, how about the idea of converting all your training collateral [manuals, brochures, presentations, documents] to interactive formats [eBooks, m-apps, knowledge nuggets] that work across platforms?

Hurix will be out there to provide solutions to help organizations migrate their legacy digital content to newer platforms with intuitive designs and rich features – the mark of what we call a true digital learning experience.

Flash-2-HTML5  [Technology breakthrough]

  • No Cost – Mock up
  • Uncompromized functionalities
  • Proven Cost Effective Framework
  • Rapid Delivery

Interactive Training Manuals  [D-I-Y platform]

  • Compatible with iOS, Android, & Win 8
  • Inbuilt library of interaction Ideas
  • Multi-format output
  • Publish eBooks with Integrated Book Shelf
  • Zero programming approach

Tablet Enabled Learning  [Justifying the True Potential of m-devices]

  • m-Business Simulations
  • m-Explorative Learning Games
  • m-Interactive Videos
  • m-Meaningful Assessments
  • m-Virtual Tours (2D and 3D)

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