Digital Content Development for Medical, Allied Health and Nursing education

Key Trends


  • There has been a surge in enrolment in nursing courses. More than 600 schools have launched “R.N. to B.S.N.” programs.
  • The serious shortage of faculty in nursing and allied health education.
  • Technology has led to significant changes in higher education, especially in how learners access learning.
  •  There is a widening gap between the availability of allied health workers and the demand for their services in the US.
  • Time to market is critical.






  • Rapid development tools are needed to meet growing needs for digital learning
  • Content must be designed for delivery on multiple platforms and devices.
  • There is a need to support and promote lifelong learning and degree advancement.
  • Higher-ed institutions need to offer digital pathways and build blended learning programs that maximize effective use of instructor time.
  • SMEs, writers, and instructional designers and graphics and media developers in different parts of the world need a platform for collaboration.




A strong network of SMEs, writers and instructional and visual designers is needed to create effective online programs aligned to certification requirements.

A cloud based platform vital for collaboration with WYSIWYG rapid authoring & Easy uploads; Delivery to multiple platforms and devices; Easy updates.


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