Interesting Case Study: Animations & Games; Create a Creature

  • Client Requirement
    • The client wanted to develop a game where student can create a creature of their own.
    • Students must be able to select realistic animal part and be able to assign parameters like eyesight, strength etc., to the creature.
    • Scoring system that is connected to the life of the creature.
  • Challenges
    • Creating realistic animal part based on pre-assigned rating for each environment.
    • Creating a library of design templates and visual effects.
    • Integrating soundtrack that loops through as the game runs with each environment.
    • Developing Flash files to facilitate and enhance smooth data exchange between the backend and files.
  • Proposed Solution
    • Created realistic animal part comprising of four environments and six body types.
    • Created an enhanced game interface comprising of a thematic GUI concept. This involved geographical environments and different kinds of animal characters.
    • Integrated event and environment specific sound effects.
  • Key Benefits
    • Realistic look and feel of the game. This enriches the gaming experience.
    • Students learn and associate the capabilities and survival of creatures in different environments.



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