DevLearn 2013 – Day 1

Piyush Bhartiya, VP & PA Head at Hurix Systems is presently in Las Vegas, attending the DevLearn, 2013 Conference & Expo. As Hurix has put up a booth (#719) this time showcasing the technology breakthrough solutions for Flash to HTML5 eLearning content conversion.

Hurix will be sharing it’s experiences in working with clients for transforming their existing eLearning modules onto Tablets / iPad devices to reach out to a wider audience.

Another practice which Hurix has been actively involved into and would be sharing at DevLearn also, is the eLearning Refurbishment; where Hurix has helped global clients in enhancing their existing eLearning packages & modules by specialized Instructional & Visual treatments.

Per the initial comments from Piyush, all three solutions are getting a good response at DevLearn and Booth visitors are pretty excited to know more about these solutions and have also registered their interesting feedback & queries on our booth as well as through the web link:

Just sometime back, Bianca Woods, who is an Instructional Designer at Canadian Financial Institution has shared a very nice summary of the session she has attended on day 1. Highly appreciate this effort, as it was quick & very helpful.  You can read it in detail on her blog [e-Geeking: DevLearn 2013 – Day 1].

Bianca has covered well on all 5 sesions,

1) Keynote – Unlocking Cool | Speaker: Jeremy Gutsche

2) Featured Speaker: Exploring the Learning and Performance Possibilities of Google Glass | Speaker: David Kelly

3) Sketchnoting – How to Capture Ideas and Concepts With Visual Narratives | Speaker: Kevin Thorn 

4) Storyboarding Your Videos and Animations | Speaker: Cory Casella

5) Keynote: The Real Power of Games for Learning | Speaker: Ian Bogost 



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