Interactive Training Documents, Manuals and Product Brochures

Interactive Training Documents, Manuals & Products Brochure

With KITABOO®, bring your ideas to life with exciting interactive manuals. Resurrect your legacy digital content by creating immersive and interactive PDFs with a wide range of embedded media. Disseminate knowledge across the organization by converting all your digital assets including monthly newsletters, annual reports, product brochures, manuals, PowerPoint presentations, training materials, and reports to print replica digital formats.

Enliven your marketing collaterals with embedded videos and product sheets that your consumers will just love going through. Increase your sales by driving potential buyers into local and online stores by enriching your product brochures with multimedia. Improve lead generation with hypertext links, personalized emails, and forms in your e-brochures.

If you have a need to train a moving workforce or even a dynamic product portfolio, training your sales workforce can be a real worry. With a one-touch publishing solution that works across platforms, bring your training content to life with embedded demonstration videos, learner interactivity and links to the latest product information.


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