Interactive Videos in eLearning – 2

This post is in continuation with the previous one below on Interactive Videos in eLearning; here we are going to look at  various options of what can be done to seriously make the video based learning an interactive experience and to increase the overall effectiveness of the learning content.

1. Ticker in Videos

Ticker In Videos

2. Inserting in-context quizzes/Assessments during Video

3. In-Context Knowledge Chunks like some summary or a diagram in Video

4. Animated Instructors over Videos

5. Click-able tags & Thumbnails










6. Controlling the Motion / Speed of the Video (instructionally)

7. Localized Dialogue boxes









8. Embedded Social Buttons – Share/Bookmarking, etc

9. On-The-Fly Feedback / Query Submission Mechanism

10. Intelligent Player functionalities (like Rev/Fwd/Stop/full screen/replay/resume etc)


Although most of these points are self-explanatory, still we will be talking about some of them in coming post, to explore their significance and their best of usage.


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