Interactive Videos in eLearning -1

It is a no-brainer now for eLearning industry to tell the benefits of videos and to some extent the advantages of having interactive videos.

As we know from a famous quote by ConfuciusI hear and I forget ; I see and I remember ; I do and I understand.

Action Learning

Therefore Videos still fall under level 2 of this matrices of learning impact, although we all place Video in a high multimedia content category and kind of assured that they are effective enough.

Lets, quickly bring the context of learners learning experience, Videos are still a one way communication and just imagine if the subject is complex or technical or something not of learner’s areas of interest and on top of it, if it is not treated professionally or carefully, learners are not going to watch it with attention and not going to learn anything out of it.

So it becomes a sheer waste of their time and your efforts, as it costs to bring video based learning experience. Other then a substantial production cost, you got to care about it’s Streaming, Syncing, Loading, resolutions, connectivity, players, tracking, and what not.

Point is, are we really doing justice to the video based learning content?

We have been working on this since 4 years now with various serious clients across domains, and have been able to successfully device some best practices in this field; so thought of sharing some of them which can really help the community and also take it to next level simultaneously. We will not be able to share all the solutioning we have done, as some of them are really part of ideation ip, however would very much be able to share most of them.


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